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NASA Update – September 27, 2016

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  • Upcoming activities and NASA TV coverage (all times ET unless otherwise indicated)
  • News highlights
  • Press releases and web features from the previous week


This Week at NASA – Sep 23 (link)


Upcoming Activities and NASA TV Live Coverage (link)


Monday, Sep 26



Tuesday, Sep 27


Wednesday, Sep 28



·            12 p.m. – ISS Expedition 49 In-Flight Interview with the NBC “Meet the Press” Podcast with Chuck Todd and NASA Flight Engineer Kate Rubins (All channels)


Thursday, Sep 29


·            11:30 a.m. – ISS Expedition 49 In-Flight Interview with and NASA Flight Engineer Kate Rubins (starts at 11:45 a.m.) (All channels)


Friday, Sep 30


·            6 a.m., Friday, September 30 – NASA Joins Rosetta End of Mission coverage from European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), Darmstadt, Germany (Starts at 6:15 a.m.) (All channels)


News Highlights


  • Aeronautics: Fast Company reported on drone regulations that are being proposed by NASA and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that would allow the U.S. government to track all drones flying below a certain altitude across a city, perhaps using tracking systems mounted on additional drones.


  • Earth: Gizmodo published satellite images—captured by NASA’s Suomisatellite—that confirm that wildfire smog is enveloping a vast swath of central Russia. In the past few years, Siberia has seen some of the most intense summertime conflagrations in its history. USA Today reported on NASA data that confirms that last month was the hottest August ever recorded, and the 16th straight month to set a global heat record.


  • International Space Station: Popular Science reported on NASA’s call for research proposals to study how microbes evolve and adapt aboard the International Space Station.


  • Journey to Mars: Popular Science covered radiation storm protection exercises being developed at NASA’s Johnson Space Center for the Orion Capsule. published a report on the 19th Mars Society Convention that included notable NASA speakers who discussed NASA’s current and future plans for international cooperation and partnership on exploring the Red Planet. Engadget reported on NASA’s iTech initiative that calls for ideas from the public, government sectors, academia and the aerospace industry that could shape the future of space travel and help in a potential mission to Mars.


  • Solar System and Beyond: The Washington Post reported on the observation of extremely rare forming dicyanoacetylene clouds in the stratosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan. Popular Science reported on NASA’s announcement surprising activity on Europa that may indicate a subsurface ocean. ABC News published a video of the James Webb Telescope currently being constructed at the Goddard Space Flight Center.


  • Technology: published a video on NASA’s record-breaking tetrahedral formation flight performed by Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission spacecraft.


Press Releases & Web Features Sep 20 – 23 (link)


Journey to Mars


NASA iTech Fosters Technology Needed for Journey to Mars

Sept. 21, 2016 – NASA is seeking innovative technology for the agency’s future exploration missions in the solar system and beyond, including the Journey to Mars, from other U.S. government agencies, academia, the aerospace industry and the public through the new iTech initiative.


Solar System and Beyond


NASA to Hold Media Call on Evidence of Surprising Activity on Europa

Sept. 20, 2016 – NASA will host a teleconference at 2 p.m. EDT Monday, Sept. 26, to present new findings from images captured by the agency’s Hubble Space Telescope of Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa.




NASA Awards Contract for Security Services at its Stennis Space Center

Sept. 23, 2016 – NASA has awarded a contract to RiverTech, LLC, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, for a range of security services at the agency’s Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.


NASA Awards Launch Range Operations Services Contract

Sept. 23, 2016 – NASA has awarded a sole-source bridge contract to LJT and Associates Inc. of Columbia, Maryland, to continue critical launch range operations support at the agency’s Wallops Flight Facility in Wallops Island, Virginia.