STEM Pipeline Program

CaSGC STEM Pipeline supports projects from affiliates that foster world-class aerospace-related research and provide an effective shared resources environment for Space Grant STEM Pipeline education and career development. Some of the projects requirements are they must address the need for STEM-Pipeline in California, provide a means for efficient and effective dissemination of results across California and the nation, document quantitative outcomes, impacts, and provide longitudinal tracking of the program.

To view 2019 STEM Pipeline solicitation, click 2019 STEM Pipeline.

2018 Awardees

  • Astronomical Society of the Pacific
  • Cal Poly Pomona
  • San Jose State University
  • Sacramento State University

Links to Online Reporting

1. Terms and Conditions: Please click here for all Terms and Conditions for all Space Grant awards.

2. Awardee Form (required): Each student involved in your project(s) receiving Space Grant or matching funds must fill out an awardee form. It is the PI’s responsibility to ensure students complete this form. After directing students to the online form, PIs should send the CaSGC program office a list of the students awarded and we will check whether or not the online form has been completed for those students.

For Workforce Development and STEM Pipeline Programs: