Gateways to Blue Skies Competition

The Gateways to Blue Skies: Airports of Tomorrow (aka: Blue Skies) competition is NASA’s newest design
competition! The Blue Skies competition is seeking ideas and designs for the evolving airports of 2050
(focusing on the exterior of the airports) as we push towards climate-friendly aviation and new
emerging aviation markets of the future.
Finalist teams will receive a $6,000 stipend to facilitate full participation in the 2022 Blue Skies Forum at
NASA’s Langley Research Center June 1 – 2, 2022.
But wait…there’s more! As the challenge prize, NASA is offering 6 internship opportunities within its
Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate!
Through Blue Skies, NASA hopes to reach as many college students as possible. Submissions from ALL
academic levels (i.e., freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate) are highly encouraged and anticipated. The purpose of this competition is to get college students thinking about how the climate-friendly aviation technologies of tomorrow will change the airports of 2050.
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