Azusa 2010-2011 Aerospace Workforce Development Program

Leslie A. Wickman, Ph.D.
Center for Research in Science
Azusa Pacific University
Phone: (626) 815‐6481; (626) 513‐1749

The Center for Research in Science at Azusa Pacific University is pleased to submit this proposal requesting funds from the California Space Grant Consortium to assist in preparing Azusa Pacific University students majoring in Math or Science (Physics, Pre‐ Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, or Computer Science) to enter the workforce in aerospace or related fields. The specific elements of our proposed Aerospace Workforce Development Program are as follows:

1) Continue conducting an on‐going series of evening seminars for students and faculty mentors geared toward the exploration of job search strategies, interviewing techniques, and career opportunities.

2) Upgrade and maintain both online and physical copies of a searchable database of “STEM” internship, scholarship, fellowship, and job opportunities with contacts at government agencies, public and private companies, schools, colleges and universities, specifically tailored to the aptitudes and abilities of our STEM students.

3) Encourage the participation of under‐represented and disadvantaged individuals (including females and minorities) in our programs. We propose to visit at least two schools with underrepresented minorities within the next academic year to promote science and technology. We will expand on our track record of giving science lectures at local schools with large numbers of minority students (e.g., Ontario Center Elementary School in Rancho Cucamonga). With this additional funding we will be able to take some APU education students with us to other schools to train them in working with primary and secondary students. We also plan to invest a modest amount of funds to develop some science demonstrations on topics such as climate and weather.

4) With student involvement,we want to design, develop and maintain a set of visually engaging (possibly interactive) science displays for our new science building to attract the interest of new students and visitors to the sciences.

5) Work with APU’s School of Education in developing partnerships to help train future science teachers and involve student teachers in our science training and research programs.

6) Fund student internships/scholarships to work with a mentor on any of several aerospace‐related research projects.