Links to 2011 Congressional District One-Pagers

For our March 2011 meetings with congressional staff, we prepared District One-Pagers. Please note the costs and travel associated with these meetings were paid from discretionary, non-NASA funds. View the One-Pager for your district here:

6th District: Sonoma State
15th District: Santa Clara University
32nd District: Azusa Pacific University and Cal State Los Angeles
33rd District: University of Southern California
41st District: CSU San Bernardino
46th District: CSU Long Beach
48th District: UC Irvine
53rd District: SD Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego, San Diego State University

For the February 29 and March 1, 2012 meetings, please provide us with updates and new photos. If you did not find your institution listed above, we can prepare one for you but will need you to write a brief paragraph summarizing your Space Grant projects and provide us with photos.

Other Documents Included with District One-Pagers:

What Space Grant Means to Me
Map of Affiliates