2012-2013 CaSGC-SWE Near Space Balloon Project

The California Space Grant Consortium (CaSGC) has designated up to ten scholarships for members of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at UC San Diego to participate in a one-week near space balloon project. Up to ten $150 scholarships will be awarded.

Students will have the opportunity to experience what it takes to send a balloon to near space and will work in teams to plan the launch and prepare the experiments, instrumentation, and on-board photography. Students in this program will also have the opportunity to apply to join the UCSD Near Space Balloon Team and to conduct outreach to middle schools and high schools.

To apply for a Near Space Balloon scholarship, please click here (you can see a sample application by clicking here). Applications will be evaluated based on the student’s academic achievement and team project experiences. Preference will be given to UCSD SWE members who are members of National SWE; awards will be contingent upon awardee joining National SWE.

For assistance, please contact Tehseen Lazzouni at (858) 534-2472 or tlazzouni@ucsd.edu.