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Cooperative Research Partnership with NASA Ames Research Center (ARC)

The California Space Grant, in a cooperative agreement partnership with NASA Ames Research Center, jointly facilitates and manages Student/Mentor design and research projects involving studies, designs and prototype solutions for NASA ARC. The California Space Grant is applying successful industrial/university alliance strategies to space-related K-12, higher education, workforce development, and public outreach efforts in California. This cooperative agreement with NASA ARC extends those efforts. The cooperative agreement addresses NASA ARC task areas that are involved with the Space Launch Initiative, RLV technologies, nanotechnology, information systems technology and unmanned aerial vehicle missions. Initial tasks focus on the following:

  • Provide services and advice for identifying and selecting University and small businesses for participation on proposal teams and other activities
  • Provide services for sponsoring competitions and symposiums dealing with the development and use of technologies relevant to space transportation
  • Provide training and re-training of personnel with classical space and aeronautics background to be able to work effectively in the information technology area. Space Grant student - mentor programs, experience and capabilities with workforce development are integral to every project.
  • Explore Integrated Vehicle Health Management methods and collaborations with Universities, Colleges and Commercial Industry.

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