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CaSGC Affiliate -- UC San Diego

CaSGC Student/Mentor Design, Research and Operations Projects at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

In 2003, Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC) and the California Space Grant Foundation (CSGF) jointly executed a Funded Space Act Agreement concerning Student/Mentor Design and Research and Operations Projects

The CSGF is a California 501(c)3, not-for-profit corporation representing all affiliate members of the California Space Grant Consortium. California Space Grant Programs incorporate the following key elements:
• Provides an environment for strong aerospace industry sponsorship and participation of mentors, facilities, and ideas;
• Facilitates and manages the interfaces between NASA and the CSGC affiliates for aerospace-related R&D, workforce development, and educational outreach;
• Places each student/mentor project under the authority of the NASA Space Grant training and fellowship program;
• Creates an alliance partnership (shared responsibilities, personnel, facilities) between the government, Space Grant, and industry;
• Utilizes a Space Act Agreement vehicle that specifies the shared resources (personnel, facilities, funding);
• Creates a workforce development environment where graduate and undergraduate students participate
• Provides the operational interface, both management and contractual, between industry and the NASA projects.

The Funded Space Act Agreement addresses the following NASA DFRC task areas:
• Aeronautical flight research in support of global civil aviation,
• Development and operations of the Space Shuttle and future access-to-space vehicles,
• Airborne science mission and flight operations, and
• Piloted and uninhabited aircraft testbeds for research and science missions.


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