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NASA Academy

Each year the CaSGC provides NASA Academy support to senior level undergraduates and graduate students enrolled at the California Space Grant Affiliate campuses. The United States NASA Academy is a unique educational, training, and research resource for college undergraduate and graduate students, dedicated to promoting current and future opportunities for innovation and leadership in aerospace related careers. Through this summer internship program, exceptional students are shown how the success of the program results from the interaction of government, academia, and the private sector, each playing a critical and different role in the U.S. aerospace program. Application information can be obtained at

You must be attending a California Space Grant Consortium affiliate College or Univeristy to apply for the NASA Academy for California. See the list of affiliate on the link above.

The NASA Academy Objectives are as follows:

  • To support and enhance the general objectives and mission of NASA.
  • To make available to the selected students guided access to extensive resources at the participating NASA Research and Space Flight Centers and their infrastructure, science, technology, and organizational and managerial expertise.
  • To provide a unique, intensive, and rigorous educational and training curriculum related to the organization of NASA, its in-house science and technology projects, its collaboration with other National centers, industry, and academia, and its extensive technology transfer programs.
  • To facilitate access to, and dissemination of valuable information on career development paths, financial support, technical writing standards, intellectual property, etc.
  • To create an environment that fosters creativity, personal initiative, and leadership qualities, together with group mentality, teamwork, and professional ethics.


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