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EarthKAM Project

ISS EarthKAM (initially called KidSAT) is an innovative NASA program that empowers middle school students to learn about Earth and to direct an Earth-pointing camera in space orbit. Originally, the camera was mounted in the Space Shuttle, where it was available only during Shuttle missions. Now it resides in the ISS and is available more often, increasing the program's scalability. ISS EarthKAM illustrates how advanced technologies, like visualizations, image analysis tools, the Web and the ISS, and can enhance classroom education. EarthKAM's imagery enables teachers of such disciplines as Earth science, geography, meteorology, mathematics, history and social studies to enhance curricula and add a vital dimension and timeliness to content.

Initiated in 1994 by Dr. Sally Ride, the CaSGC, and other partners, EarthKAM is funded by NASA and is operated by a partnership between the University of California at San Diego, NASA, the Jet Propoulsion Laboratory and TERC. A mission control center is at UC San Diego and is operated by teams of undergraduates (approx. 40 students). This is part of the Space Grant Student - Mentor program.

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