Precollege Education Program of the California Space Grant Consortium

Although a number of CaSGC precollege activities have been initiated throughout the State, it is important to understand the limitations and scope of these efforts. The CaSGC Advisory Council specifically set a path for precollege involvement that limited the Consortium to a supporting role to affiliate campus organizations, which deal directly with precollege curriculum development, teacher education, outreach, and assessment. In each of the projects initiated and for any future precollege projects, that supporting role focus will be maintained. Throughout California at each of the affiliate campuses, the CaSGC provides support and assistance to the Teacher Education & Training and Outreach Programs. The K-12 education and outreach programs within the three large California higher education systems (University of California System, California State University System, and the California Community College System) and private universities are immense programs serving a large population. The CaSGC affiliates are committed to partnering with these programs to influence the introduction a space-related educational material and concepts to these precollege programs. While the established and existing programs under the California Higher Education Systems provide both the leadership and foundation for exceptional work in teacher education, educational technology, curriculum development and assessment, and quantitative tracking and evaluation, CaSGC can provide unique space-related content and coordination capabilities. Into these ongoing precollege programs, the CaSGC provides an interface to space-related educational materials and resources and an opportunity for precollege students to be involved in hands-on space projects. Keeping this focus and following the lead of some of the best precollege educational professionals in California will insure success in the Consortium’s precollege program.

An example set of CaSGC Precollege Programs is

  • TeacherTech Project
  • Earthguide Project
  • EarthKAM Project
  • Project ASTRO
  • UC San Diego Aerospace Education Outreach
  • UC Santa Cruz Science Outreach through Hands-On Projects and Demonstrations