Jim Arnold Lecture 2012

On Friday, May 4, 2012 the 2012 Jim Arnold lecture featuring Planetary Scientist Ralph Harvey, Ph.D. of the Department of Geological Sciences, Case Western Reserve University will take place. He will be speaking on “Antarctic Meteorites: Sifting the Sands of the Solar System”.

Abstract: Since 1969 nearly 50,000 meteorite specimens have been systematically recovered from the East Antarctic icesheet, 20,000 of these by the US Antarctic Search for Meteorites program. These samples have done more than fill the larders of museums and research institutions; they have fundamentally changed our understanding of the solar system. Antarctic meteorites are the only reliable, continuous, and readily available source of new planetary material, naturally swept up by the Earth as it cascades through space, and revealing the fundamental building blocks of the solar system.

When: May 4, 2012- 4:30-6:00pm.

Where: Auditorium, Natural Sciences Building– Revelle College, UC San Diego

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