2013 NASA Interns

We are proud of our California Space Grant Summer 2013 NASA Interns:

  • Eric Gutierrez, Stanford University (NASA Dryden Aeronautics Academy)
  • Nathan Suppanade, CSU Los Angeles (NASA Dryden Aeronautics Academy)
  • Samira Motiwala, Stanford University (NASA Ames Internship)
  • Noelle Oguri, UC Davis (NASA Academy at Ames Research Center)
  • Darren Sholes, Cal Poly–San Luis Obispo (NASA JPL Space Grant Internship)
  • Paula S. Adhikari, University of Southern California (NASA JPL Space Grant Internship)
  • Alexie Pogue, UC San Diego (NASA Ames Internship)
  • Jeffrey Friesen, UC San Diego (NASA Ames Internship)

These students were able to apply classroom knowledge to exciting real-world projects, gaining experience far beyond any classroom. Through NASA internships, our students become leaders with a deeper understanding of NASA objectives and outstanding real-world aerospace expertise.
For photos and personal statements, click here.