Undergraduate Engineering Seminar November 19, 2013

The California Space Grant Consortium is pleased to announce the fourth in a series of  Undergraduate Engineering Seminars, designed to introduce undergraduate students to funded research opportunities.

  • Speaker: Terrance V. Yee, President and CEO Black Sun Planetary Solutions
  • When: Tuesday, November 19 from 3PM to 4PM
  • Where: UC San Diego’s Jacobs Hall, Room 2512, Henry G. Booker Room

Topic: Terrance Yee will discuss dramatic and interesting troubleshooting and problem solving experiences from his 24 year career as a spacecraft engineer and, more recently, as head of a new solar energy company. He will explore the harrowing tale of the post launch emergency on a U.S. Air Force experimental satellite and the heroic efforts made to recover the spacecraft. He will then examine how modern engineering forensics techniques are applied to find the root causes of failures in spacecraft hardware. Mr. Yee will also introduce some of his current projects at Black Sun,  including a novel method for addressing orbital debris that has opportunities for a collaboration with UCSD.

Bio: Terrance Yee began research leading to the formation of Black Sun Planetary Solutions, Inc. in 2010, but he also has 23 years of experience in Aerospace Engineering.  His expertise is focused in Spacecraft Systems Engineering with knowledge of all phases of development from conceptual design, detailed design, fabrication, integration and test, launch and flight operations.  He has served as Chief Engineer for five spacecraft, Integration and Test Lead for two spacecraft, Program Manager for a spacecraft and a launch vehicle, and has had a lead role in flight operations on two missions.  He has also served as a director of new business development and has lead or contributed to dozens of proposals.

Mr. Yee has a B.S. In Aerospace Engineering from UCLA and an M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado.  He began his career at The Aerospace Corporation in Los Angeles but quickly moved on to work at smaller corporations with an emphasis on smaller, faster, cheaper space missions.  He served in a variety of capacities at TDA Research in Wheat Ridge, CO, then at AeroAstro in Longmont, CO before moving back to California and working at SpaceDev in Poway, CA.  After several years, he moved back to Colorado to work at MicroSat Systems which was purchased by Sierra Nevada Corp, where he worked until 2011 before once again returning to San Diego to start his company, Black Sun Planetary Solutions, Inc.

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For more information: Please call Becky Howard; (858) 822-1597