CaSGC Bay Area Affiliate Meeting

On Friday, March 28, 2014 the California Space Grant Consortium (CaSGC) held its affiliate meeting at NASA Ames Research Center. The meeting was attended by NASA Ames Office of Education staff, affiliates and partners from the Bay Area, Central Valley, and Southern California along with their students, and CaSGC Headquarters staff.

The NASA Ames Office of Education (Brenda Collins and Tom Clausen) provided an update on NASA Education and NASA Ames opportunities, CaSGC Headquarters Staff (John Kosmatka and Tehseen Lazzouni) provided an overview of the State of the Consortium and a summary of Consortium-wide Accomplishments, and there were several presentations by affiliates and students including:

  • Programs to Bring Students from Underrepresented Backgrounds to the STEM Pipeline, by Lily Gossage of Cal Poly Pomona
  • Higher Education Internships: January Operational Internship at NASA Kennedy Space Center, by Jonathan Yee and Ben Oakes of Stanford University
  • Building the STEM Pipeline with Rockets and Cubesats at Sonoma State University, by Lynn Cominsky of Sonoma State University
  • Environmental Sciences and Remote Sensing, by Pia van Benthem with Katherine Acord, Johana Ramirez-Zapien, and Spencer Mathews
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems Project, by Greg Kriehn of Fresno State

A student poster session was also held:

  • Katherine Acord, UC Davis: “Sample Integrity and Sealing Methods for Proposed Mars Sample Return”
  • Eric Gutierrez, Stanford: “Application of Parameter Estimation to Stability and Control of the PRANDTL-D Flying Wing Aircraft”
  • Johana Ramirez-Zapien, UC Davis: “Uptake of Nitrogen in Spinach Plants”
  • Tim Shea, CSU Sacramento: “Quantifying the Effects of Remote Control on Navigation Performance”
  • Tim Wheeler, UC San Diego / Stanford: “Development of a Command Module for High Altitude Near Space Ballooning”
  • Gregory Dzhezyan, Gonzalo Leyva, Christopher Livingston, Jonathan Meza, Joshua Wenzel, CSU Fresno: “Unmanned Aerial Systems Research at Fresno State”

Several of the students attending the meeting went on a tour of NASA Ames Research Center. This included the Vertical Motion Simulator (VMS) and meeting Lewis Braxton III, Deputy Center Director of NASA Ames Research Center, and Michael Dudley, Director of the NASA Aeronautics Research Institute.

The meeting ended with an exciting Arduino Workshop run by Tim Wheeler of UC San Diego / Stanford University.

We are grateful to the NASA Ames Office of Education and to all the affiliates, partners, and students who took the time to be a part of this meeting. We look forward to new collaborations and programs to better serve students in the State of California and the Nation.

Photos from the Meeting:

John Kosmatka, CaSGC Director

Brenda Collins, NASA Ames Office of Education

Tom Clausen, NASA Ames Office of Education

Tehseen Lazzouni, CaSGC Asst. Director

Lily Gossage, Cal Poly Pomona

Jonathan Yee & Ben Oakes, Stanford

Pia van Benthem & students, UC Davis

Johana Ramirez-Zapien, UC Davis

Jonathan Yee & Ben Oakes (Stanford) with Tehseen Lazzouni (CaSGC)

John Kosmatka (CaSGC) with Eric Gutierrez (Stanford)

Jonathan Yee (Stanford) and John Kosmatka (CaSGC)

Tim Wheeler (UC San Diego/Stanford) with Greg Kriehn (Fresno State)

Tim Wheeler (UC San Diego/Stanford)

Johana Ramirez-Zapien, UC Davis

Eric Gutierrez (Stanford)

Gonzalo Leyva and Christopher Livingston (Fresno State)

Tim Shea, Sacramento State

NASA Ames Research Center Tour--Flight & Guidance Simulation Lab

NASA Ames Research Center Tour--Vertical Motion Simulator

Arduino Workshop

Arduino Workshop: Pia van Benthem and Katie Acord

Arduino Workshop

Arduino Workshop: Tim Wheeler and John Kosmatka

Arduino Workshop: NASA Ames Office of Education

Meeting Presentation by CaSGC Headquarters (John Kosmatka and Tehseen Lazzouni):
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Meeting Participants:

Astronomical Society of the Pacific:

  • Linda Shore
  • Brian Kruse
  • Greg Schultz

California Space Grant Consortium Headquarters / UC San Diego:

  • John Kosmatka
  • Tehseen Lazzouni

Cal Poly Pomona:

  • Lily Gossage

CSU Fresno:

  • Ram Nunna
  • Greg Kriehn
  • Greg Dzhezyan
  • Christopher Livingston
  • Gonzalo Leyva
  • Jonathan Meza
  • Joshua Wenzel

CSU Sacramento:

  • Tim Shea

Napa Valley College:

  • Jose Hernandez
  • Fernando Romero

NASA Ames Research Center:

  • Brenda Collins
  • Maria Lopez
  • Brenden Sanborn
  • Tom Clausen
  • Vytas Sunspiral

San Jose State University:

  • Matthew Ringle

Sonoma State University:

  • Lynn Cominsky

Stanford University:

  • Benjamin Oakes
  • Eric Gutierrez
  • Jonathan Yee

UC Berkeley:

  • Bryan Mendez
  • Laura Peticolas
  • Patricia Dobson

UC Davis:

  • Pia van Benthem
  • Johana Ramirez-Zapien
  • Katherine Acord
  • Spencer Mathews

UC San Diego / Stanford University:

  • Tim Wheeler

UC Santa Cruz:

  • Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz