Undergraduate Engineering Seminar-4/22/15

The California Space Grant Consortium is pleased to announce our Undergraduate Engineering Seminar Series, designed to introduce undergraduate students to funded research opportunities, internships and important information about careers in Engineering. Our next seminar in the series promises to provide students with valuable information as they pursue an education in Science and Engineering.

Upcoming Seminar will be Wednesday, April 22 4PM-5PM

Speaker: Saura Naderi, Career Development Specialist, Qualcomm Incorporated

Where:  UC San Diego’s Jacobs Hall, Rm. 2512, Henry G. Booker Room

Saura Naderi will discuss her experiences in the work force and how she utilized her strengths, interests and values to essentially create her own dream job at Qualcomm. She will detail the tools which are available to explicitly assess the areas of your own personality which can help lead to better career choices and greater overall life satisfaction.  Saura will also comment on her journey through UCSD, first as a student and then as an employee. She will touch on the innovative engineering outreach program she created at Calit2 known as myLab and explain how and why she started it.  Saura will give insights into the positive benefits of creativity and elaborate on the Thinkabit Lab at Qualcomm where she acts as the lead engineering instructor.

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