Students Research Effects of Microgravity on Fluids

The California Space Grant Consortium is proud to have sponsored the UCSD Microgravity Project. A team of engineering undergraduates performed tests in a microgravity environment to research behavior streams of fluids in space.

To see an interview of microgravity team member Colin Sheredy, click through this link and highlight Colin’s name.

The student team rode in an airplane that made a series of steep inclines and drops, where at the top of each parabola, the internal environment of the plane was shifted to nearly zero gravity for 15-35 seconds. The students brought a synthetic urethra which fired streams of water in a water-tight observation tank, and data was recorded using a pair of orthogonal view cameras which the students used to monitor the flow rates of the stream. They plan to make space urinals for both men and women that are more comfortable and sanitary.

The team of talented students includes: Timothy Havard, Christie Carlile, Geoffrey Meier, Samina Bhatia, Derek Peterson, Jacqueline Yu, Arvin La Rosa, Colin Sheredy, Jeremy Burke and Brandon Maryatt.

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