UCSD Near Space Balloon Launch

**Please refer to this page for updates on the UCSD Near Space Balloon Launch**

7/24/14 15:00 The balloon payload and parachute were retrieved just after midnight in a residential area in Vista. The balloon trajectory closely matched predictions. Payload completely intact–perfect landing. The SDMA students are analyzing the Arduino sensor and APRS data retrieved during the flight and will present their findings tomorrow at SDSU. Photos taken during the project can be found at: http://s1154.photobucket.com/user/CaSGC/library/Research%20Academy%202014.

7/24/14 00:20 The UCSD SDMA Near Space Balloon was launched from the Lake Jennings area just before 9PM on 7/23/14. After floating southward for a short time, it steadily headed northeast, as predicted, and turned westward after reaching an altitude of 50,000 feet. It continued westward reaching an altitude of over 110,000 feet over Rancho Santa Fe. The balloon changed direction over Encinitas, heading northeast. It appears to have landed in Vista, just south of the 78 freeway. We will know more on Thursday in Dr. Kosmatka’s post-flight analysis. Maps of both tracking systems are shown below.

7/23/14 18:00 On our way to the Lake Jennings launch site with all the materials and supplies for the launch. Should be there by 6:30 or 6:45 PM.

7/23/14 17:00 Launch from Lake Jennings will be this evening. We are aiming for a parking lot that is at the intersection of Lake Jennings Park Rd. and the southwest tip of the lake. There is a driveway from Lake Jennings Park Rd. to Bass Rd. Please click here for downloadable directions and map.

Directions from UCSD (takes 35 minutes without traffic):

  • Take I-5 South
  • Take I-8 East for 21.8 miles
  • Exit onto Lake Jennings Park Rd.
  • Meet where Lake Jennings Park Rd. meets Bass Rd. on the southwest tip of the lake (just across the street from the Helix Water District).

7/23/14 16:45 We have decided to launch from Lake Jennings. Will update you with the exact location and time shortly…

7/23/14 16:35 Reviewed several different scenarios for balloon trajectory and are looking into launching from the desert instead of from UCSD. This will maximize the possibility of getting the payload back for downloading data from our onboard sensors. More on this shortly…

7/23/14 13:30 Regardless of when and where we launch; here’s how to track the balloon:

1. Visit the following website: aprs.fi

2. Type in the following call sign and click search: KK6AIN-6

3. You will see it on the map; once we launch, you will see several positions logged onto the map

7/23/14 11:00 Flight trajectory predictions show a possibility of an ocean landing. We are therefore considering launching from another location. Will keep you posted…


Scheduled Date: Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Scheduled Time: 6:00 PM (there could be delays)

Location: Warren Mall (UCSD)