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  • UC Davis team wins the Grand Prize award at the 2022 First Nations Launch
  • NASA Interns!

    Kylie Akiyama: Spring 2022

    Summary of my experience:

    My summer as a NASA intern has been absolutely extraordinary. Although I had to work
    remotely, that did not limit the amazing projects I was able to be a part of or the incredible people I was
    able to meet. I was part of the Space Life Sciences Training Program (SLSTP) at NASA Ames, which
    allowed me to become close with a tight-knit group of interns who inspired me and never failed to make
    me laugh. Working with my mentor was eye-opening as well because not only was I able to learn a lot
    about science from him, I was also able to learn about mission operations and the internal workings of
    being a NASA contractor or civil servant. A series of lectures provided both through Ames and SLSTP
    introduced me to very interesting people, taught me a great deal of cool science, and helped me figure
    out more about the career path I want to take. It was really amazing to see the inner workings of such
    an inspiring organization and learn from some of the researchers that work there. The work I was doing
    also made me feel involved in the mission and like I was actually contributing to something important. I
    learned a lot of new skills, especially on the data analysis side, and a great amount about space biology
    in general. The one limiting factor was that I was unable to work in person to make face-to-face
    connections and do wetlab work, which I am more accustomed to. However, as I said before, I was still
    able to learn many new skills because of this and had a great time.

    Matthew Yu: Summer 2022

    In my NASA internship, I designed and tested an online ML model pipeline for autonomous systems, and cut consecutive training time by 40%. I also proved the deep learning model effectiveness with sentiment analysis test data set, achieving a 98.6% accuracy. I want to take my mentor for providing the time and energy to help me understand these new concepts and guiding me through building new systems. I thoroughly enjoyed the internship and I learned a lot outside of the concepts at school.

    Diego Silva: Summer 2021

    I have completed the remodeling of the VIKING-400 aircraft brake master cylinder CAD assembly
    – I started and finished the remodeling of the VIKING-400 front landing gear CAD assembly
    – Completed the modeling of a few support brackets within the VIKING-400 fuselage which required special sheet metal properties in the model in order to conduct FEA (finite element analysis) on in the future.
    – My intern buddy and I successfully carried out our exit presentation yesterday morning which was a culmination of our work this past summer (virtually delivered).
    I had a great time during my summer here at Ames.

    Mark Hagiwara: Summer 2020

    Throughout 13 weeks of internship at NASA Armstrong, I worked for the FOSS team as
    a thermal analysis engineer. My primary task is to figure out the appropriate cooling method for
    the laser unit inside the FOSS system. The task was challenging and required strong knowledge
    of heat transfer. This internship was all about the learning experience in both hard and soft
    skills. As technical skills, I learned about the basics of heat transfer including conduction,
    convection, and radiation. Teammates in the FOSS team were always willing to help, and those
    bits of advice from full-time engineers were extremely helpful in order to investigate our problem
    further. As a soft skill, the biggest skill I improved was the presentation skill. Besides the daily
    meeting every morning, we tried to communicate with everyone in the FOSS team, and we
    presented our ideas with PowerPoint slides once a week. That process was very important
    because this experience also made us improve our presentation skills. Unfortunately, we have
    not finished our thermal analysis for the uFOSS within my internship period yet; however, my
    colleagues will keep working on the task, and hopefully, they can finish their design sometimes
    soon. I finished my exit presentation on Tuesday, September, 22nd, and I got a lot of great
    feedback from people who participated in my presentation. That was another valuable
    experience I had. To conclude, this internship was a great opportunity to learn real engineering,
    and I was pleased to be a part of the FOSS team. This internship would not be great as right
    now without any help from people around me; therefore, I appreciate the help from everyone in
    the FOSS team, mentor, colleagues, intern coordinator, and program coordinator from CaSGC.