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This Week at NASA – Dec 2 (link)


Upcoming Activities and NASA TV Live Coverage (link)


Monday, Dec 5


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Tuesday, Dec 6



·            8:30 a.m. ISS Expedition 50 In-Flight Event for ESA with the French Academy of Sciences in Paris and Flight Engineer Thomas Pesquet of the European Space Agency (NTV-1 with English interpretation; NTV-3 in native language) (all channels)

Annual Events


Wednesday, Dec 7

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Thursday, Dec 8

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Friday, Dec 9



·            8 a.m. Coverage of the Launch of the JAXA HTV-6 Cargo Craft to the ISS (Launch is scheduled at 8:26 a.m. ET) (all channels)

·            12 p.m. ISS Expedition 50 In-Flight Interview with Moxie Productions for the Discovery Channel and Flight Engineer Peggy Whitson of NASA (Starts at 12:20 p.m.) (all channels)

Annual Events




  • Aeronautics: CNBC reported on the possible future of NASA’s drone delivery regulation system in light of the incoming presidential administration.


  • Earth: CBS News reported on the GOES-R weather satellite that launched from Kennedy Space Center on Nov. 19. Mashable and Gizmodo reported on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet studied and photographed during the IceBridge mission to the Antarctic.


  • International Space Station: Engadget reported on the status of the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) currently attached to the International Space Station. Space News covered Cygnus’s release of four LEMUR CubeSats from an external deployer on Friday, Nov. 25, sending them to join a remote sensing satellite constellation that provides global ship tracking and weather monitoring.


  • Journey to Mars: Mashable reported on NASA’s project to develop food bars as space food for astronauts journeying to Mars. reported on the NASA report “Planetary Protection Gaps for Human Extraterrestrial Missions”.


  • Solar System and Beyond: Los Angeles Times reported on new scenarios to explain the formation of Pluto’s frozen heart-shaped feature, first spotted by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft in 2015. ABC News and Engadget reported on the NASA’s Cassini spacecraft as it began its “ring-grazing orbits” around Saturn.


  • Technology: NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, is focusing on making a better gear from bulk metallic glass (BMG), a specially crafted alloy with properties that make it ideal for robotics. This was discussed in articles in Popular Mechanics and Engadget


Press Releases & Web Features Nov 28-Dec 5 (link)




NASA Awards Contract for Refueling Mission Spacecraft

Dec. 5, 2016 – NASA has awarded the Restore-L Spacecraft Bus and Support Services contract to Space Systems/Loral of Palo Alto, California. Restore-L is a robotic spacecraft equipped with the tools, technologies and techniques needed to service satellites currently in orbit.


Spinoff 2017 Shows How NASA Technology Makes a Difference on Earth

Dec. 5, 2016 – NASA has released its Spinoff 2017 publication, which takes a close look at 50 different companies that are using NASA technology – innovations developed by NASA, with NASA funding, or under a contract with the agency – in products that we all benefit from.


NASA Announces Early Stage Innovation Space Technology Research Grants

Dec. 2, 2016 – NASA has selected 13 university-led proposals for the study of innovative, early stage technologies that address high priority needs of America’s space program.




NASA TV Coverage Set for Cargo Ship Destined for Space Station

Dec. 5, 2016 – The launch of a Japanese cargo ship to the International Space Station, and its arrival at the orbiting laboratory, will be broadcast Dec. 9 and 13 on NASA Television and the agency’s website.


NASA Administrator Statement on ESA’s Commitment to Space Station

Dec. 2, 2016 – The following is a statement from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden on ESA’s (European Space Agency’s) decision to continue its operations aboard the International Space Station.


Russian Resupply Ship Experiences Anomaly; Station Crew Fine

Dec. 1, 2016 – The Russian space agency Roscosmos has confirmed a Progress cargo resupply spacecraft bound for the International Space Station has been lost. The spacecraft launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan Thursday on a Soyuz rocket, but experienced an anomaly around six and a half minutes into its flight.




NASA Sets Coverage for Briefings, Launch of Small Satellites

Dec. 2, 2016 – The launch of NASA’s Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) spacecraft is scheduled for 8:24 a.m. EST Monday, Dec. 12. News briefings, live launch commentary, photo opportunities and other media events will be held at nearby NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and carried live on NASA Television and the agency’s website.


NASA’s ISS-RapidScat Earth Science Mission Ends

Nov. 28, 2016 – NASA’s International Space Station Rapid Scatterometer (ISS-RapidScat) Earth science instrument has ended operations following a successful two-year mission aboard the space station. The mission launched Sept. 21, 2014, and had recently passed its original decommissioning date.


NASA Opens Media Accreditation for Hurricane Microsatellites Launch

Nov. 28, 2016 – Media accreditation now is open for the launch of NASA’s Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) mission, currently scheduled for Monday, Dec. 12.




NASA Invites Media to Talk with Cast of Hidden Figures

Dec. 1, 2016 – Media are invited to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida to participate in a news conference at 3 p.m. EST Monday, Dec. 12, with cast members from the 20th Century Fox motion picture Hidden Figures.