NASA College Broadcast, April 29, 2019: Save the Date

NASA invites you to participate in a live event for college students discussing The Future of Space. This is an insightful discussion with NASA leadership including Administrator Jim Bridenstine to prepare you as we go Forward to the Moon…to stay. As the next generation of explorers, we need you to make that possible! Mark your calendar for April 29 and come find your place in space! #NASASTEM

NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement aims to inspire, excite, and engage educators and students through NASA’s mission to explore ongoing scientific discoveries and discover new engineering achievements. More information will be coming soon.

1.      Organize a watch party at your lead institution / ask affiliates to organize watch parties. (please share your watch party plans with us at this link: And we’d love to collect a headcount with basic feedback from participants later so we can tell NASA if this sort of event is good for our community. We haven’t quite figured out how to capture that.

2.      Ask students who plan to watch the live stream to provide potential questions for astronauts on the ISS. NASA will select about 20 total questions to share with the astronauts in advance so they are prepared for discussion during the livelink section of the event.