Terms and Conditions / Reporting

Terms and Conditions for Awards:

Solicitations/Applications for 2022:


All recipients of Space Grant funds are required to complete reports as requested by the NASA Office of Education Performance Measurement (OEPM) System. The below are sample forms for your review. CaSGC will email the necessary online report links for you to officially complete as needed.

Sample Student Awardee Form:

1. Awardee Form (required)Each student involved in your project(s) receiving Space Grant or matching funds must fill out an awardee form. It is the PI’s responsibility to ensure students complete this form. After directing students to the online form, PIs should send the CaSGC program office a list of the students awarded and we will check whether or not the online form has been completed for those students.

Sample Awardee Form (for viewing purposes only)

Sample Report Forms:

2. NASA Education Core Data Form (required)Use this form to report project success stories and data on publications, patents, and proposals. All affiliates who received Space Grant funds this year must fill out this form.

Sample NASA Education Core Data Form (for viewing purposes only)

3. Fellowship/Scholarship Form (as needed)This form describes fellowship/scholarship projects for both funded and unfunded students. Fill out one form for each project. “Project” is defined as an opportunity a student would apply for, not the name of individual fellowship/scholarship student projects. For example, you may have five students who were awarded graduate fellowship awards. Each student had an individual project. Don’t list these individual projects–just list the name of the overall graduate fellowship project they applied for and were awarded.

Sample Fellowship/Scholarship Form (for viewing purposes only)

4. Higher Education Form (as needed)These projects encompass activities that benefit students, faculty, or both. Participants may be funded or unfunded. Activities include, but are not limited to, curriculum development, design and implementation of new major and minor areas of study, hands-on group projects, conferences, other research-related student support (exclusive of fellowships/scholarships), and workshops, as well as the development and dissemination of software, problem sets, videos, publications, and labs.

Sample Higher Education Form (for viewing purposes only)

5. Research Infrastructure Form (as needed)This refers to all organizational factors that promote the development and maintenance of research in an organization. These factors include seed money for research, release time for proposal writing, the use of facilities, the establishment of research collaborations, computer services, and equipment. Exclusive of fellowship award, research infrastructure may also encompass research-related graduate student support. Participants may be funded or unfunded.

Sample Research Infrastructure Form (for viewing purposes only)

6. Pre-College Form (as needed)Use this for all projects related to K-12 student opportunities, teacher preparation and enhancement, and K-12 curriculum development.

Sample Pre-College Form (for viewing purposes only)

7. Informal Education (as needed)Use this for all projects related to providing informal education resources, tools, or professional development related to NASA content/missions to attract/retain individuals in STEM.

Sample Informal Education Form (for viewing purposes only)

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