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Biography of James Arnold

An endowed lectureship has been established to honor Professor James R. Arnold, one of UCSD's first faculty members and the founding chair of the Chemistry Department. If you would like to contribute to future lectures please click on the the donation form below.

Donation form for James R. Arnold Lectureship

May 6, 2011


Magnetic Planets and How Mars Lost Its Atmosphere
Bob Lin
• University of California, Berkeley


Nitrogen: A Story of Food, Fuel and Fiber
James Galloway
• University of Virginia

Presentation Slides (3 MB)


Lecture and Reception Photographs


Global Climate Change:
A Paleoclimate Perspective from the World's Highest Mountains

Lonnie Thompson
• Ohio State University

Presentation Slides (12 MB)

Lecture and Reception Photographs


The Stardust Mission: Catching a Comet and Bringing it Home
Donald Brownlee
• University of Washington

Presentation Slides (8 MB)

Lecture and Reception Photographs


Origin of the Moon
David J. Stevenson
• California Institute of Technology


The Formation of Stars and Planetary Systems
Frank Shu
• National Tsing Hua University
• Hsinchu, Taiwan

PowerPoint Presentation


Exploring Mars with Spaceship and Paintbrush (What We've Learned about the Red Planet and Why)
William K. Hartmann
• Senior Scientist
• Planetary Science Institute, Tucson, Arizona


The Dinosaur Extinctions - What is Known and What is Unknown
Richard Muller
• University of California, Berkeley
• Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory


Global Climate Change and the Making of a Report to the President of the United States
Ralph J. Cicerone
• Chancellor, University of California, Irvine
• Daniel G. Aldrich Chair in Earth System Science
• Professor of Chemistry


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