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Research Intern Program at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

There is a need for well-trained, qualified technical specialists, engineers, and scientists to meet the scientific, technological workforce needs of the United States now and in the future. Therefore, innovative strategies and programs are being implemented to increase the supply of highly trained personnel in the basic and applied sciences at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC).

To help meet this need, the NASA DFRC and the California Space Grant Consortium (CaSGC), in collaboration with the California Space Grant Foundation (CaSGF), have formed a cooperative partnership in order to enhance the education and training of students and increase the relevance of CaSGF training and research programs to DFRC’s mission. This cooperative program is intended to provide a significant positive impact on the following areas:

  • the quality of science and technical education;
  • the relevance of CaSGF programs to DFRC’s mission; and
  • the number of Hispanic and other minority students electing to pursue graduate study and research careers in science, technology, and mathematics.

The overall aims of the program are to provide a mechanism for the development of activities that will lead to the strengthening and growth of mutually beneficial educational, scientific, and technical programs conducted jointly and independently by CaSGF and DFRC.

The cooperative program provides the following opportunities:

  • Joint Projects – CaSGC and DFRC will participate in research and training programs and projects of mutual interest and benefit.
  • Faculty Participation – CaSGC faculty, staff, and students may visit DFRC organizations and facilities for consultation, meetings, workshops, short courses, and research. Participation will be encouraged and facilitated by both CSGF and DFRC. Through mutual agreement of the DFRC and the CaSGC, temporary faculty appointments may be offered to CaSGC personnel during summer periods and, when appropriate, may be jointly sponsored for longer-term research participation.
  • Student Internships and Employment – CaSGC students will be encouraged to take advantage of the many programs that exist with DFRC organizations and facilities that are designed for student participation and training. Current programs that allow undergraduate students to gain valuable experience and training during the academic year and/or the summer as student trainees and summer employees will be encouraged by the parties.
  • Technical Assistance – When appropriate, and on a mission-noninterference basis, DFRC will provide technical assistance in a variety of disciplines, including engineering, science, and administration.
  • Outreach Programs – DFRC may provide assistance to CaSGC in developing programs to attract students, especially minorities and females, to careers in science by providing students with experience beginning in precollege grades K through 12. The program will be designed to enhance academic skills, career awareness, and exposure to participating scientists.


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