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Space Grant Foundation Opportunities

National Space Grant Foundation (NSGF)

The National Space Grant Foundation is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) corporation whose mission is to expand and enhance the capacity of American colleges and universities to carry out aerospace-related education, research, and public outreach activities. These activities encompass science, mathematics, engineering and technology, and other fields related to aeronautics and space & earth system sciences.

The National Space Grant Foundation represents all 52 consortia of the Congressionally established National Space Grant Program. We fund research and education projects nationwide that help young men and women toward science, engineering and technical carreers. We fund outreach programs that turn even younger minds on to the wonders of space and flight, ensuring our future among the stars.

The 52 Space Grant Consortia represent every state, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. Each consortium is made up of colleges, universities, businesses, and other private and public institutions -- all working to further aerospace education through:

  • Supporting student scholarships, fellowships, and traineeships for aerospace-related education;
  • Providing support to faculty and students to develop career skills in aerospace-related fields (science, engineering, business, and education);
  • Offering experiential learning opportunities aligned with NASA Strategic Enterprises
  • (
  • Stimulating public interest in aerospace-related disciplines and lifelong learning through partnerships with educators at all levels, thus increasing public appreciation for the direct and indirect benefits of the U.S. space program
  • Seeking to develop mutually beneficial relationships among private sector organizations, government agencies, colleges and universities, but...

California Space Grant Foundation

The California Space Grant Foundation is a California 501(C)(3) corporation, representing all affiliate members of the California Space Grant Consortium, that creates, facilitates, manages and integrates education and life long learning opportunities built around real-world aerospace projects.

  • We enable students of all ages to learn in an interactive environment bringing together information technologies and experienced mentors passing on their legacy to the next generation of public servants, educators, writers, scientists, engineers and business professionals.
  • We enable existing communities of concerned citizens, government agencies, universities, schools and companies to discover and nurture the very best of their young people by providing sponsorships, participating in our projects and joining us in our real world classrooms.
  • We bring together new communities of students, working professionals, foundations, government agencies, schools, universities and commercial companies in cooperative projects providing opportunities for research, professional growth and economic development.
  • We provide the oversight and accountability required to carry forward programs from inception through implementation bringing together experts from many diverse fields insuring that our common goals are achieved.

California Space Grant Foundation Programs:

Education Associates - University students and faculty are provided experiential learning opportunities in the space sciences, engineering, science administration, and related fields. Students work directly with their mentors at sponsor research, development or operational sites.

Student-Mentor Projects - Fully integrated, (12 months or less) cradle to flight, projects that include classroom training, team development and field experience. Students, mentors, faculty and customers are brought together in teams performing all the management, finance, engineering, manufacturing and operations tasks developing hire-me-first team and leadership skills.

Mirror Projects - Students, faculty and staff are provided the opportunity to experience an on-going aerospace project or flight program in designing, analyzing, building, testing, integrating and operating a full scale mockup mirrored-just-outside-the-door of the Core Program. Students are mentored by Core Program staff, receive associated university quality classroom training and develop hire-me-first team and leadership skills.

Scholarships and Program Sponsorship - The foundation provides and directly manages scholarships, fellowships and sponsor support to university, college, technical school and high school student programs.

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