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CaSGC Research Infrastructure

The CaSGC, as part of its charter to develop research infrastructure throughout California, has supported and facilitated a two pronged approach. The first involves cooperative research partnerships with NASA Centers and the second is a partnership with the California Space Institute (CalSpace - University of California) to establish aerospace-related Centers of Excellence at University of California affiliate campuses.

The NASA Center -- CaSGC partnerships (NASA Ames Research Center - ARC and NASA Dryden Flight Research Center - DFRC) are structured to enable university students and faculty to participate (hands-on) in NASA research projects. The programs have the following attributes:

  • Flexible Contractual Agreement with NASA & University as Coop Partners
  • Shared Resources -- Personnel & Facilities
  • Shared Management Responsibilities
  • Students Participate as Space Grant Trainees
  • Student/Mentor Model Utilized Fully

In 2000, the CaSGC established a partnership with the California Space Institute (CalSpace -- A multi-campus space research unit of the University of California (UC)) to create Centers of Excellence (CoE) on UC affiliate campuses. These Centers of Excellence not only foster world-class aerospace research and research infrastructure but also provide an effective shared resources environment for education, outreach, and workforce development. The overall objectives of this partnership are to:

  • Provide stable "seed" resources from CalSpace for aerospace-related research;
  • Provide stable "seed" resources from Space Grant which emphasizes education, workforce development and training, and outreach;
  • Place strong emphasis on capturing & translating research results into web-based education & outreach products;
  • Facilitate government and industry alliance partnerships;

CaSGC - CalSpace Centers of Excellence

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