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CaSGC Affiliate -- University of California, Santa Cruz

Science Outreach through Hands-On Projects and Demonstrations

Balloon Retreat

High School teachers, students and University faculty, students and staff meet in a rural environment for a workshop on launching balloons and exploring science and math outreach

Tesla Coil Demonstrations at Bay Area Schools

A group of about 10 faculty, staff and student volunteers visits local schools or high school student activities with a multi-media show centered on the science and technology of the Tesla coil. We cover opportunities in learning, research and living at the University of California and demonstrate the relevance of higher education for students from underrepresented groups. This activity takes place about every two weeks, and has been seen by more than 4000 students in the Bay Area. All are involved, and past student volunteers have chosen the teaching profession. Exit questionnaires tell us that the dramatic visual effects of the Tesla coil help student to rethink their future role in the work force and wake their interest in a technical/scientific career. Science teachers are made a part of our team and thus gain considerable esteem in the eyes for their pupils.


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