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University of California, Davis (UCD)

UCD CalSpace/CaSGC Center of Excellence

Goals and Mission
(1) Foster scientific advances in core technologies and content applications in the space/remote sensing/environmental sciences.

(2) Provide improved education and outreach in space technology and related applications.

(3) Increase the speed and effectiveness of the transfer of technology and other innovations to industry that will enhance the economic competitiveness of California industries.

The Center of Excellence at UC Davis has developed a campus-wide research and development facility for basic and applied research leading to new and improved environmental and agricultural remote sensing applications. The center provides a facility for image processing of remotely sensed data and expertise in the applications of these technologies. Collaborations are established between CIPIC, ICE, Integrated Watershed Center, and other environmental research centers on campus in order to leverage campus programs and enhance visibility of UC programs. The Center fosters interactions between experts in remote sensing and its applications through research opportunities, seminars, and other opportunities. The facility enhances faculty competitiveness in interdisciplinary environmental research by providing resources for remote sensing research and a site for expertise. The Center supports agricultural applications of remote sensing data and development of precision agriculture applications using remote sensing.

The Center of Excellence enhances existing research programs and expands teaching programs in GIS and Remote Sensing and supports recruitment for faculty positions in landscape studies, ecosystem science, agronomy and watershed hydrology by providing a Center for research and collaboration. The Center assists education and training for faculty and students in remote sensing technologies through internships, scholarships, and other research opportunities and through sponsorship of seminars, symposia and other modes of academic training. The Center closely coordinates with education and outreach programs to develop education and training opportunities. It promotes collaboration with CalSpace/CaSGC Centers of Excellence on other campuses, especially the Center at UC Santa Barbara, allowing cross-campus coordination and development of synergy among UC space-technology programs.

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