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University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC)

CalSpace/CaSGC Center for Origin Studies (CCOS)

Goals and Mission
Faculty members and students from the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, the Physics Department, and the Center for Adaptive Optics combine their expertise and overlapping research interests to form a CalSpace Center for Origin Studies (CCOS). The scientific theme for the center is investigation of the origins of the elements, stars, galaxies, and structures in the universe. Its goals are to conduct a multi-disciplinary attack on the science of the targeted themes in terms of theory, education, and innovative new devices to allow us to explore the universe. We leverage the activities of this Center by bringing together the astrophysics, physics, engineering, and related sciences at UCSC with programs and resources at NASA/Ames, LLNL, the new Santa Clara Industrial Outreach Complex, and other University of California campuses.

Specific objectives of the UCSC CalSpace Center for Origin Studies are to collaborate with the space and optics industry in California to develop the instruments needed to explore the vast frontiers of the cosmos and search for practical applications these devices and techniques might have for industry and human health. The Center also provides hands-on experience to students on both technical and intellectual fronts. We shall seek to train a new cadre of Ph.D.s who will be the leaders of our discipline and impart the thrill of our discoveries and the basics of astrophysics and science to an increasing number of undergraduates at UCSC, in particular those who will go on to teach K-12. In addition, the CCOS generates an outreach program designed to disseminate the most up-to-date discoveries in astronomy and adaptive optics to the general public and to inspire an ever-increasing number of K-12 students to enter the field of science and technology.

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