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University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

CalSpace/CaSGC Center for Earth and Space Science and Aerospace Engineering

The CalSpaceCaSGC Center of Excellence at UCSD is hosted within the Scripps Institution of Oceanography maintains a research emphasis in the climate and ocean sciences, researchers from the full spectrum of space science, earth science and aeronautical engineering disciplines participate. Researchers are making fundamental contributions to the representation of atmospheric physics in global climate models (GCMs), and are also using satellite remote sensing to investigate the subtle climatic influences of such varied phenomena as anthropogenic aerosol, ocean phytoplankton distribution, and cloud microphysics. The UCSD Center includes the Experimental Climate Prediction Center (ECPC) and the Arctic and Antarctic Research Center (AARC). The mission of ECPC is to develop integrated regional climate prediction based on coupled land-ocean-atmosphere climate model simulations. The AARC is a web-accessible archive containing more than 20 Terabytes of satellite data covering the polar regions. Additionally the UCSD Center maintains laboratory facilities that support radiometric calibration, for bio-optical, ocean color, and similar sensors.

The Center provides hands-on environment to students in scientific, technical and management areas. It also provides a learning environment to train a new cadre of Ph.D.s who will be the leaders of earth and space science and engineering disciplines and impart the thrill of the Center's discoveries. The basics of space and earth science and aerospace-related engineering are also imparted to an increasing number of undergraduates. The Center has an active outreach program designed to disseminate the most up-to-date discoveries in aerospace science and engineering to the general public and to inspire an ever-increasing number of K-12 students to enter the field of science and technology.

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