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Student - Mentor Model for Aerospace Workforce Development

Establishing and maintaining a world-class aerospace workforce requires community-based alliances between industry, government and educational institutions (K-12, higher education, and continuing education) where resources and infrastructure are developed and shared. The CSGC and its associated California Space Grant Foundation (CSGF) are now positioned to pursue private and public resources to implement these student-mentor workforce programs in an integrated way throughout California. The alliance creates, facilitates, manages and integrates education and life long learning opportunities built around "real-world" aerospace projects.

The Space Grant alliance enables students of all ages to learn in an interactive environment bringing together information technologies and experienced mentors passing on their legacy to the next generation of public servants, educators, writers, scientists, engineers and business professionals. It also enables existing communities of concerned citizens, government agencies, universities, schools and companies to discover and nurture the very best of their young people by providing sponsorships, participating in our projects and joining us in our real world classrooms. The CSGC works closely with the National Space Grant Foundation (NSGF) and its 52 consortia members to impact aerospace-related education and workforce programs throughout the nation. The Student - Mentor workforce development model exhibits the following baseline characteristics:

  • Experiential learning through "real" aerospace-related projects
    • Highest priority given to workforce skill development of students & mentors
    • Emphasizes students experiencing mission life cycle (define, design, build, fly, analyze) in less than 2 years
  • Community-based private - public partnership
    • Involves industry, government (local, State, and Federal) and academia for mentors, facilities, and investment
    • Involves both Federal & State Labor & Employment Agencies
  • Requires new "Business Plan" approach
    • Private Sector - Integrated into budget of every project
      • Covers HR new hires and retraining of existing personnel
    • Public Sector - Addresses "Human Capital" issues
      • Priority for HR training and retraining budgets
      • Mandatory requirement for all procurements

Ongoing CaSGC Affiliate Student - Mentor Projects

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