Be a Part of NASA’s Space X Demo-2 Launch

No matter where you are you can join in the excitement of this historic event. Celebrate the first launch of American Astronauts to the ISS since 2011.

What’s involved: First, play the Rocket Science: Ride to Station App, then complete the Crew Orbital Docking (CODing) Simulation and create your own space capsule docking game. Build a docking mission capable of stumping your friends, and share it with us on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter using #LaunchAmerica. Then tune in for the Virtual NASA Social broadcast on May 20, 2020 to see if your game is selected as a winner!

How to Participate

Part One: You will start your mission by completing the Ride to Station app. Using this app, you  will go through the process of selecting your crew, building a rocket and launching to the International Space Station. Can you work your way through obstacles and get your crew to the International Space Station? 

Part Two: Next, head over to CODing Sim. Here you will use programming language to create your game. Not an expert coder? Don’t worry, this simulation is for all levels of programmers. Use the accompanying CODing Sim Guide for tips and tricks on setting up your simulation. To get started you will need to create a Snap! or Scratch account and download the necessary files for your simulation (you can find these on the CODing Sim page). Next follow the onscreen instructions to create your game. You will know that your mission is a success or failure by the sounds and on-screen visual cues.

Step Three: Share a screenshot of your CODing Sim on social media using the hashtag, #LaunchAmerica!