NASA Office of STEM education was recently awarded a 2-year project to UCSD, USC, and UC-Berkeley to develop an autonomous lunar landing vehicle and to develop a nation-wide Lunar/Martian Lander Skills competition using these landing vehicles.  This is an Artemis-relevant systems engineering and integration skills project that will require the students to develop critical thinking and hands-on skill sets that NASA needs for their upcoming (beginning 2024) Artemis missions to the moon.  UCSD students will work (remotely) with USC students and UC-Berkeley students to develop the vehicles, develop the autonomous control system, and design and develop the national competition.  The first flight competition is planned for fall of 2020.  

Are you interested in space engineering, flight hardware, autonomous controls, sensors, and/or software (python, C) programming?  Are you interested in flying the vehicle, developing the competition, writing software for autonomous flight competitions, and hosting the competition in San Diego?  Meeting and working with NASA Artemis experts from the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate?  Are you an Aerospace, Mechanical, Structural, ECE, or CSE undergraduate and available full time this summer?  Funding is available for up to three UCSD students.  Note:  You must be a US citizen to receive funding.  

If you are interested, send an email to ( by 5 PM Monday (June 1st, 2020) with your resume that includes relevant courses, experiences, demonstrated leadership, and other needed skill sets.  For example arduinos, raspberry pi, RC vehicles, cubesats, programming competitions, or club activities (AIAA DBF, AUVSI, SEDS), etc.  This is a three-campus team-project so you must be able to work remotely.