NASA’s 2021 Big Idea Challenge Call for Proposals

NASA is seeking robust proposals from universities affiliated with their state’s Space Grant Consortium (or partnered with an affiliated school) to design, build, and test novel dust mitigation (or dust tolerant) technologies for lunar applications. This is an open innovation challenge with minimal constraints so that proposing teams can genuinely create and develop out-of-the-box solutions. Selected teams will receive awards ranging between $50,000 and $180,000 to bring their ideas to life!
Call for Proposals: Dust Mitigation Technologies for Lunar Applications
For the 2021 BIG Idea Challenge, NASA solicits team proposals from Space Grant affiliated universities and colleges for a wide range of unique lunar dust mitigation (or dust tolerant) solutions supported by solid engineering rigor in response to one of the following categories:Landing Dust Prevention and MitigationSpacesuit Dust Tolerance and MitigationExterior Dust Prevention, Tolerance, and MitigationCabin Dust Tolerance and Mitigation
Up to 10 teams will be selected to build their proposed technology for dust mitigation, and will be responsible for setting up and executing their own high-fidelity verification testing, based on what was described in the proposal. Teams are encouraged to be creative and design their own accurate and realistically simulated testing scenarios.
A wide range of award sizes is expected (in the range of $50,000 – $180,000), depending on the scope of the work proposed. It is anticipated that several larger-scope awards (typically $125,000 – $180,000) and several smaller-scope awards (typically $50,000 – $124,000) will receive funding. Proposers are encouraged to request what is actually needed to conduct the proposed work.
Interested and eligible teams of students and their faculty advisors should submit an online Notice of Intent by September 25, 2020. Written and video proposals are due on December 13, 2020. Minority Serving Institutions are encouraged to apply.
Finalist teams will receive funding to build and test their technologies, and will be invited to present their verification testing results to NASA and industry judges at the 2021 BIG Idea Forum, tentatively scheduled for November 17 – 19, 2021.
The 2021 BIG Idea Challenge Call for Proposals Flyer contains more information about this year’s challenge and is ideal for posting in classrooms and departmental bulletin boards. 
For full competition details, including eligibility requirements, design constraints, and submission guidelines, please visit the BIG Idea Website: