Open to both undergraduate and graduate students studying fields with applications to human space exploration, NASA’s RASC-AL Competition is an engineering design challenge that allows students to incorporate their coursework into real aerospace design concepts and work together in a team environment. With nearly two decades of history, the RASC-AL Competition is one of NASA’s longest running and most robust student competitions.

Call For Proposals
The 2021 RASC-AL themes range from preparing for the next steps of our return to the Moon, to innovating solutions for returning from Mars, to designing architectures to visit Venus and Ceres. Teams are invited to design and propose innovative solutions with original supporting engineering and analysis in response to one of the following five themes:
Durable Low-Mass Lunar Surface HabitatMinimum Mars Ascent VehicleVenus Flyby MissionHuman Mission to CeresDistributed Lunar Sample Aggregation, Analysis, & Return to ISS

If you have any questions, please contact the RASC-AL Program Team: rascal@nianet.org